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Houxo Que

This pack was created by Tokyo-based graffiti artist Houxo Que and is based on his renowned series of paintings, entitled "Day and Night". These luminous installations incorporate florescent paints with UV lights against the canvas produce a startling and unique effect.

In this pack you can explore the artist's full "Day and Night" concept and also control the application's various features for yourself: such as a number of Tokyo landscape backgrounds; and also various sound montages captured during field recordings. These special features have been produced exclusively for this occasion, and will change according to the time on your clock - as a way of mirroring the passing of day and night.

All the materials have been digitalized from the original masters of Que's live-painting session. As such, you can manipulate the actual paint strokes he used in creating the flowers, and then have your own versions illuminated against the backdrop of a Tokyo landscape of your choosing.

Although graffiti in Tokyo is banned, here you have the opportunity to try it out for yourself with this brand new customized artist's pack, available exclusively on Granimator™.

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