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Chris Gray

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When asked to create a pack for Granimator I experimented with numerous options before coming to the conclusion that the majority of my work is based on the use of a select few graphical shapes. Another consideration was that although the entire application is based on digitally altering work constructed on a computer I wanted there to be a human element that was done by hand, something that a computer cannot cheat or re-create. This is where the idea of cutting a large selection of shapes originated from. After completing an initial batch they were put into a transparent zip bag and shuffled to see what abstract shapes would start to appear and how with simple alterations they could be molded into whatever you saw within the randomness.

For the last 5 or so years I have also been obsessed with minimalism and simplicity. For me Graphic Design of the sixties has always been a large influence on my work, with an idea, narrative or context giving the work a sense of character even the restraint in use of colour has been influential. Only giving the user a select palette and the option to use the shape as a negative space allows more time to be spent being playful within limitation.

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