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One And Done Studio

This pack is a collaboration between One and Done Studio, Monica Yi, and Jasmin Blasco. Monica Yi is NY based graphic designer ( and Jasmin is an LA based music producer. (

One and Done Studio is the Graphic Design and Illustration work of Lorin Brown. One and Done Studio often times with an additional collaborator creates work for print, web, and apparel.

Often sought out for his hand illustrated typography and humor infused illustrations, he has worked with Nike, The New York Times Magazine, Good Magazine, Stussy, Sims Snowboards, and a few others.

One & Done Studio serves as an umbrella for his design vision, illustration work, online shop, and other ventures to come. It partially grew out of his interest in music and youth culture, a constant source of inspiration for him and an interest that always comes through in his work. That is where he is able to respond, remix, refer or react to those things that live in those worlds.

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