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Justina Zun-Zun Chang

Animal Comfort Land is a project that provides positive suggestions for the issues that modern people face.

Inspired by the daily ritual I was asked to create in the first semester of my Senior year in SVA - where I visited the zoo everyday for a month and was comforted by the animals - I would like to replicate this experience for other stressful urban people.

The objective of this project is to provide positive energy to make people happy, and help relieve their negative emotions. This is essential because modern people are now living in a stressful world.

The end product is a kit contains modern people's common issues from A-Z, such as lonely issue,insomniac issue, and confidence issue. Each letter is a booklet contains different kinds of entreating yet not 100% scientifically proven solutions. It then became a zoo that people can simply access on their desk when they are seeking solutions for their issues.

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